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How do I go about requesting material for viewing from NLS's Manuscripts collection?

You can find information about how you search and request material on our help pages Search and Request material..

How do I request copies?

If you know the title and reference code of the material you want to request and if the material is free from copyright restricitions and in good physical condititon you can order it through this form. Information about NLS’s reproduction services inlcuding a price list you'll find here .

If you need help finding material or have questions about its condititon or copyright status you can contact us.


Large parts of NLS's private archives are protected by copyright. For NLS to be able to process your request for copies of material which is protected by copyright we need to know that you will retrieve permission from the copyright holder. This is regulated by an agreement, see link here. Observe that NLS can’t process the request before a signed copy of the agreement has been received.

Can I photograph the material with my own camera?

Contact the staff in the Special Reading Room for an assessment in each individual case. Whether a photograph can be taken is assessed by the state of the material and its copyright status.

Digitized material

All pictures that have been published in Arken are free to use in accordance with the CC0-license .

In Arken you can find digitized material from NLS's private archives. You access it through the Digital Objectpage in the Browse menu or via the respective archival descriptions (ex. Ellen Key's collection).

Other access points to the digitized material from the NLS Manuscripts Collection:
Codex Gigas
World Digital Library (WDL)
Libris, list of digitized manuscripts (NLS)
Regina, list of digitized manuscripts (NLS)

(Some information only in Swedish)

Other search services

For the older manuscripts collection, search the Nominalkatalogen (Only in Swedish)

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