Request material for reading

Request material in Arken

Below are instructions for requesting material in Arken (The order function is currently only in Swedish):

1. Find the material you are interested in either by using the search function in the top menu or by using the different access points.
2. Once you have clicked your way to the right archival description you choose the specific unit you want to request for reading.
Observe that you can't order entire collections or series but that you order single units (archival boxes, volymes, files)
3. In the right-hand-menu, under the heading "Beställningar", click the button Lägg till to add an object to your "shopping cart".
Observe that you can add a maximum of five orders per institution at one time.

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4. When you have placed your orders, go to the cart in the top menu - click on Visa

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5. Review your orders. Remove any inaccurate orders by clicking on the recycle bin on the right.
6. When you are ready to order, click the button Gå till beställning to get to the order form. (Only in Swedish)

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7. Fill out your contact information and requested date for visit.
8. If you have ordered material from both National Library of Sweden and Umeå University library you need to fill out both loan card numbers.

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9. Send your order by clicking the button Skicka. If your order is sent a new page should appear with an order confirmation.

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Before visiting the library

All physical material found in Arken is studied at the National library of Sweden or Umeå University Library. See the respective libraries terms for visiting:
Read more about planning your visit at the National Library of Sweden
Apply for a loan card at the National Library of Sweden
Read more about planning your visit at Umeå University Library

Restrictions to access

Material may be restricted from access based on their physical condition or value. Instead of the original you will be referred to a digital copy, a facsimile or a microfilm. If you for a specific reason need to access the original you can apply for special permission. Material from the private archives may also be restricted from access. Contact the repository to find out more about accessing the material.
More recent private archives may also be restricted by Copyright.

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