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From Ediffah to AtoM

The National Library of Sweden's metadata about private archives was 2005-2017 published in the search catalogue Ediffah.

In 2016 NLS searched for an option to Ediffah that would be easier to use, develop and manage long term. The system would also have to be able to show digitized material from the collections, handle links to existing authorised data from Libris and similar systems and, in the future be able to support open linked data. The choice fell on the open source software Access to Memory (AtoM), a system with a large and active community worldwide.

In the spring of 2017 NLS started the project ”Från Ediffah till AtoM” (=From Ediffah to Atom), a project which 2018-04-10 introduced the search catalogue Arken.

The system is largely based on the international standards for archiving which have been developed by International Council of Archives (ICA).

-ISAD(G):Standard for archival description
-ISDIAH: Standard for describing institutions with archival holdings
-ISAAR: Standard archival authority record for corporate bodies, persons and families

In the document Arken - metadatafält i arkivbeskrivningen (pdf) (in Swedish only) you can read more about how NLS translated and uses the above listed standards in Arken.

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